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Minnesota Citizens Concerned about the Affects of High Energy Wakes on Inland Lakes Create Non-Profit Organization Committed to Passing State Laws Restricting Operation of Wake Boats

By August 25, 2020News

Formed by a diverse group of Minnesota citizens concerned about the impact of high energy wakes created by modern wake boats on people, property, and inland lake ecosystems, Safe Wakes for Minnesota Lakes is dedicated to “protecting Minnesota lakes for future generations”. The mission statement of the organization is to “prevent environmental damage and injury to people and property caused by artificially enhanced wakes”.

The primary goals of the organization are focused on passing legislation in Minnesota that would restrict the creation of wake boat enhanced wakes to areas of inland lakes a minimum of 1,000 feet from shore, and to a minimum depth of 16 feet. The efforts of the organization are in response to steadily increasing numbers of wake boat facilitated incidents involving paddle boats, fisherman, and damage to docks, moored boats, and natural shorelines.

To visit the Safe Wakes for Minnesota Lakes website, visit