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Make an Important Contribution to Preserving and Protecting Michigan’s Extraordinary Freshwater Resources by Becoming a Member of Michigan Waterfront Alliance Today

By January 31, 2022News

Your individual, association, or corporate membership in Michigan Waterfront Alliance

will help ensure the continuation of our on-going efforts to:


Protect our extraordinary freshwater resources by working on a day-to-day

collaborative basis with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR),

and the Department of Environment, Energy, and Great Lakes (EGLE)…


File amicus briefs with the Michigan Supreme Court in cases whose outcomes

carry the potential to adversely impact riparian rights, or public policies that

effectively serve to help preserve and protect Michigan’s water resources…


Increase State of Michigan funding of programs designed to prevent new exotic

aquatic invasive species introductions, and to improve our state’s collective ability

to manage the destructive array of exotic aquatic plants and animals that already

exist in many of our wetlands, lakes, rivers, and streams…


Protect and preserve Michigan’s extraordinary inland lakes by pro-actively

supporting the mission, goals, programs, and events of unique public/private

collaborative efforts such as the Michigan Inland Lakes Partnership, and

the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership


Prevent new introductions of exotic aquatic invasive species and improve

management of existing infestations by working on a collaborative basis

with Michigan’s regional Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas


Improve the knowledge of our state legislators in regards to the overall importance

of the enormous on-going contributions that our freshwater resources make to

Michigan’s economy…


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Michigan Waterfront Alliance