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January 2020

Michigan Waterfront Alliance Announces By-Laws Change by President Bob Frye

On December 12, 2019, the MWA Board of Directors discussed a letter that had been sent by the Michigan Lakes and Streams Association (“ML&SA”) in regards to the process of selecting candidates for election to the Michigan Waterfront Alliance (MWA) board. The discussion opened with an explanation of the letter from Michigan Lakes and Streams Association President Mike Gallagher, the thrust of which was that the process of selecting candidates for the MWA Board and the challenge of properly differentiating e-mail-based newsletters and other communications originating from each of the organizations.

MWA Vice-President Dick Brown explained that the Board member nomination process that was established at the beginning of MWA (when he was serving as ML&SA president) emphasized that the intention and purpose of the two organizations having shared board members was not for MLSA to exercise control over the activities of MWA (as stated in the letter) but so that both organizations would share a philosophy of protecting Michigan’s wealth of lakes and streams.

Scott Brown explained that the e-mail-based newsletters he creates and that President Frye reviews before being transmitted are primarily focused on educating members in regards to legislative and potential legislative issues, riparian legal issues, and to promote and publicize the activities of other organizations that MWA is a member of, including the Michigan Environmental Council, Michigan Chapter, North American Lake Management Society, and the Michigan Inland Lakes Partnership. MWA Board member Ed Highfield expressed his displeasure with the mean tone of the letter. It was also discussed by several members that, contrary to what was stated in the ML&SA letter, the existing By-laws had been followed in previous elections, and that all current members of the MWA Board had been properly elected in accordance with the current by-laws.

A motion was then made and passed to amend Article III, Section 1 of the Michigan Waterfront Alliance Bylaws to modify the language of the third sentence to read as follows:
The business, property and affairs of the corporation shall be managed by its Board of Directors. The number of Directors of the corporation shall be not less than seven (7) or more than nine (9) persons. Members of the Board of Directors may be directors or officers of ML&SA.

The motion was discussed by all.

The question was called and the motion passed.

Michigan Waterfront Alliance looks forward to continue to collaborate with ML&SA in all ways to help protect and preserve Michigan’s lakes and streams.

Click here to read the letter that was recently sent to MWA by ML&SA

MWA to Hold One Day Conference Focused on Economic Contributions of Inland Lakes

Save the Date!

Friday, March 13, 2020

9:30 AM – 3:30 PM


Michigan Waterfront Alliance presents a one-day conference dedicated to “Assessing the Value of the Contributions  of Inland Lakes to Michigan’s Economy” to be held at

Karoub Associates
121 W. Allegan Street
Lansing, Michigan

Michigan is graced with an aesthetically pleasing landscape that hosts over 11,000 inland lakes that provide our citizens and millions of visitors to our state with an extraordinary array of recreational and economic opportunities. In addition to providing vast opportunities for premium lakefront living lifestyles, our inland lakes also serve as the basis for the creation and sustenance of thousands of small businesses and hundreds of thousands of jobs through Michigan’s highly successful tourism, resort, and recreational boating, fishing and hunting industries. Various informal, and likely outdated estimates of the value of the contribution of inland lakes to Michigan’s economy range from five to thirty billion dollars. Hindered by the fact that very few comprehensive studies have focused specifically on the value of the various contributions of our inland lakes to Michigan’s economy, our state legislators, and natural resource and environmental regulatory agencies are often hindered in their ability to effectively manage our vast wealth of inland lakes due to lack of valid data.

Please join us on Friday, March 13, 2020 from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM at Karoub Associates in Lansing as our line-up of guest speakers explores the extraordinary contributions of Michigan’s inland lakes to our economy. A very reasonable one day conference registration fee of $25.00 will include lunch. Due to venue restrictions, registration will be limited to 65 people.

Register online below.


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Economic Value of Michigan Inland Lakes Conference25.00 USDFriday, March 13, 2020 - Economic Value of Michigan Inland Lakes Conference
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